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World of Tanks Update Brings New Tanks, Options, & More!

If you’re someone who loves tanks, then you’ll definitely enjoy playing World of Tanks Blitz that’s published by Wargaming Group. It’s a massively multiplayer online game where you get to control tanks and fight against other players. You can choose to battle on your own or team up with your friends and create a platoon to participate in bigger scale battles. There will be a variety of tanks available for you to ride on the battlefield.

Aside from many different tanks, you can also have the battle on a variety of maps. This will give you many ways to plan and strategize for a match. You can use the unique terrains and features to your advantage. It’s a great and exciting game that is really worth downloading for the PC.

But you know what’s even better about World of Tanks? The developers constantly upgrade the game to make it better. Its recent update is 1.11.1 and it has brought new tanks, new options, and an improved interface. This article will discuss in more detail the new things that this update brought to the game.

New High Tier Italian Tanks

One of the new things that the latest update brings is new and powerful tanks. These are the higher-tiered Italian heavy tanks. In World of Tanks, you will need to complete research to unlock more powerful tanks during battles. The new update adds more higher-tiered tanks in the game, which means more devastating war vehicles to use.

world of tanks new content

The new update opens new sub-branches to research. The new tanks will follow the P.43 bis tank and give access to the Italian heavy tanks. The first tank that can be researched is the Carro d’assalto P.88, which is a Tier VII tank. It’s also a transitional assault vehicle, from medium to heavy, and performs more of a medium tank. Aside from the Tier VII tank, you can also craft the Tier VIII Progetto CC55 mod.54, the Tier IX Progetto C50 mod. 66, and the Tier X Rinoceronte tank.

If you want access to these new tanks, then you better work on researching the Italian branch of the tanks. You need to reach at least Tier VI so you can start researching for Tier VII – X. These new tanks will be maneuverable, have good gun depression, and great universal guns. The Tier VIII onwards will also have an auto-reloading mechanic, which is a great feature on these tanks.

The New Platoon 2.0

Aside from new tanks, the 1.11.1 update will also be bringing the Platoon 2.0. The new system comes with new options that are designed to make it easier for you to search for Platoon mates while you’re in the garage. This means you are no longer limited to just searching for friends and contacts. The new system will first be used in Random Battles, but it’ll become available in other game modes soon.

world of tanks new update

The new system will also allow you to invite suitable people to join your Platoon using several filters. Before you can only invite friends to join your Platoon, now it’s possible to add other people as well. It is important to remember that searching for players will cancel all of your open invites. When you are selecting a player for a Platoon, you can catch a glimpse of their stats. You can see their garage and the tanks they own. You can check their battle records and WTR rating.

This’ll allow you to select players who have similar tanks as yours or gamers close to your skill level. The new update also allows you to view your Platoon mate’s tanks right in your garage. This will allow you to easily compare tanks and identify some rooms for improvement.

Improvements on Interface

The last major change coming from the new update is improvements on the interface to provide a better gaming experience. One of the improvements is that the Proximity Circle is now visible on the minimap. This will make it easy for you to spot enemies while they are within a radius of 50 meters. You can now spot enemies easier. Of course, it’s important to remember that they can also see you if they have this option enabled as well.

Another change to the game is the damaged modules will now have a repair time. This replaces the existing progress bar. This new feature will notify you when the module will be repaired. It’s a convenient feature to have if you tend to use consumables during a match. Now that you know the latest updates to the World of Tanks, all that’s left is to play it. Try it out on your PC! You can even check our How-to-Play guide to learn the ropes! Join the awesome tank battles and climb the leaderboards!