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World of Tanks Blitz: The Holiday Patch Update 7.5

The cold weather and hot cocoa mean that holidays are fast approaching. World of Tanks Blitz is now bringing the yuletide cheer on the battlefield with patch Update 7.5! The popular tank shooter game has been churning out game updates this past year, and this holiday is no different.

Update 7.5 is packed with some fun goodies and a returning popular mode for every resident tank driver out there. Let us dive into how this patch will affect the current landscape of the game.

Gravity Force Mode Returns

Gravity Force Mode, one of the most beloved game modes, returns just in time for the holiday season. It sees players drive their tanks around a map that has significantly low gravity. This feature allows them to make their tanks fly around the battlefield at varying heights. Players will engage in fun-filled skirmishes in this mode using the new Everfrost map. It’s a frozen planet full of ice crystals, ledges, hills, and natural ramps that serves as the icy battlefield.

Both new and old players are sure to have a great time driving their tanks off hills and cliffs! They can see their death machines defy gravity while blasting away at their targets!

Holiday Tank Camos

In the spirit of the yuletide season, Update 7.5 will have three holiday-themed camos available for purchase at the virtual store. These camos are the Grandma’s Gift, Starlight Night, and Evergreen. Each of the camos cost 65 to 750 gold, depending on the vehicle tier. However, the following tank camos are no longer available in the shop: Sinister Traces, Galaxy, Vertigo, Shattered Flames, and Flux.

World of Tanks Holiday Patch

For players who researched the T92E1 and Sheridan, before Update 7.5, they will be given the animated Icy Comet Epic Camo. Furthermore, the new update will also reward T92E1 and Sheridan users with a Commemorative Token and an Epic Avatar. The gifts are tied to a quest that players need to finish before patch 7.5. The tasks are as follows:

  • Missile Man Commemorative Token – play T92E1 and Sheridan 25 battles before the release of Update 7.5.
  • ATGM Master Epic Avatar – Players who have amassed over 700 plus battles with T92E1 and Sheridan.

Dress up in style with the latest seasonal camos and spread the Christmas spirit while blowing the opposition away! If you’re going to set tanks on fire, then do it with the holiday spirit!

In-game Balance & Fixes

Alongside the fun seasonal modes and camos, Update 7.5 also has various balance tweaks, fixes, and improvements. Here are some of the notable ones that will affect the gameplay of some tanks.

ATGMs Removed on Main Game Modes

Update 7.5 will remove the ATGMs on Tier VIII – X vehicles, namely the Tier IX T92E1 and the Tier X XM551 Sheridan on their main guns. The ATGMs will be replaced with HEAT shells that inflict the same damage numbers moving forward.

The developers stated that game imbalance is the main reason why the ATGMs have been removed. Most players would resort to researching ATGMs and use it as a quick ticket to rank up. For instance, ATGM-equipped tanks like the Sheridan can make quick work of its targets that are running classic armaments. This is why the developers have decided to remove ATGMs on the main game modes.

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That said, players who researched the ATGMswill get the Sheridan Missile Collector tank in Update 7.5. This tank will have the ATGM equipped, and comes with a Garage slot and 100% trained crew. This Sheridan is the same researchable tank from Update 7.4 and sports a unique camouflage. However, the Sheridan Missile Collector can only be used in the fun modes.

Balance Changes for Researchable Tier VIII–X Vehicles

Update 7.5 also tweaks the M48 Patton to make it more accurate. The devs increased the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t’s fire rate and decreased the effectiveness of the Emils’ and Vickerses’ armors. Some of the Collector and Premium vehicles have also been buffed in their armor and average armor penetration values. This includes the following:

  • Tier X M60
  • Tier IX KpfPz 70
  • Tier VIII T-2020
  • Tier VII T26E3 Eagle 7
  • Tier VII Predator Ultramarines
  • Tier VI T21
  • Tier VI VK 30.02 (M)
  • Tier III T-15

Fixed Errors on Researchable Tier VI Vehicles

Most of the Tech Tree progression errors on Tier VI vehicles have been fixed to have the Tech Tree branches have a more logical flow to them which essentially improved each tank’s characteristics once upgraded. And there you have it! Update 7.5 is live, and it’s the best time to return to the World of Tanks! If you’re yet to begin your hull-busting journey, then download it now on PC! You can also learn the ropes with our How to Play guide! Step into an explosive competitive action game that’s also free-to-play!