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World of Tanks Blitz: Know the Different Tank Types

World of Tanks Blitz offers dozens of historically accurate tanks to satisfy your appetite for blowing up enemies. However, with so many tanks to choose from, picking the right one might prove to be daunting. To help you pick the tank that suits your playstyle, here is a list of the different tank classes with a brief description of each. This way, you can have an inkling of what to expect when you pick a tank from the classes listed below.

1. Light Tanks

This is the first class that you will encounter and usually pick during your first matches. Light Tanks are considered entry-level vehicles. They are the most mobile tanks, and have great speed and maneuverability to compensate for their low armor ratings. They also have the highest firing rate, but their weapon loadouts are usually the lowest caliber compared to the heavier tanks in the game.

If you want a fast-paced, pesky playstyle, Light Tanks are the best option. Their high speed and mobility will see you bounce around the battlefield. You can pelt enemies from their sides before they know what hit them. That said, be careful not to get hit by cannon shots directly. Light Tanks’ low armor values usually spell disaster whenever they receive a direct hit.

2. Medium Tanks

As their classification suggests, Medium Tanks are a beefier version of the Light Tanks. Most Medium Tanks offer a good range of mobility and speed but are not as mobile and fast as Light Tanks. But what these tanks lack in mobility and speed, they make up for good armor values and armaments. Medium Tanks are generally durable and can take a couple of direct hits. Moreover, they can also dish out more damage, thanks to their loadouts packing more power.

Medium tanks can be seen as the middleman of the tank types. If you want a more balanced vehicle to control, getting a Medium Tank is your best bet. Good overall offensive and defensive stats make for a versatile vehicle to take out enemies with.


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3. Heavy Tanks

These are the big guns in the game. Heavy Tanks are hulking vehicles that sport the highest armor stats alongside formidable armaments. In the right hands, Heavy Tanks can lay waste on enemy teams since these tanks hit hard and can take shots themselves well.

That said, their downsides are that they are quite cumbersome and rather slow on speed. Their weapons are also quite slow to reload compared to Light and Medium Tanks, so you really have to make your shots count with this one. Once you have access to these big machines, you can bully other players by ramming them with your immensely bulky body. After that, you can finish them off with a point-blank cannon shot to put them down for good!

4. Tank Destroyers

Lastly, Tank Destroyers are the snipers of the game. Tanks listed under Tank Destroyers have the strongest cannon equipped on them, and they can usually aim and fire at enemies from great distances. Most of the time, Tank Destroyers do not need to venture too close to enemies since they can effectively disable or outright blow up enemy tanks that are caught in the open.

That said, Tank Destroyers are extremely slow when moving and turning, and they are not particularly heavily armored. If enemy tanks manage to pinpoint where Tank Destroyers are hiding and they get to them, more often than not it is light’s out for them. If you want to bombard enemies from afar, give Tank Destroyers a shot! Some of the most satisfying moments you will have with Tank Destroyers are downing enemies from miles away with well-aimed shots.

So there you have it, a brief run-through of the different tank types in World of Tanks Blitz. Make sure to pick the right tank type that complements your playstyle so that you can enjoy the game even more! 

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