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The 4 Types of Ammunition on World of Tanks Blitz

In World of Tanks Blitz, it is not enough to know which kind of tank best suits your playstyle. You also have to learn the different types of ammunition that you can use in your tank. Each tank is outfitted with different cannons and depending on what class you are commanding, your corresponding ammo will also change. This is why you should be knowledgeable of the different ammo types that are available in the game since each of them also has its specific uses.

The 4 Types of Ammo in World of Tanks Blitz

There are four main ammo types in the game. These are the Armor Piercing (AP), Armor Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR), High Explosive (HE), and High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) shells. Before every match, you need to load up on ammo for your tank.

Each ammo has its corresponding ammo load, and the number of ammo you can bring will depend on your tank’s gun caliber. Moreover, your playstyle will also rely on the kind of ammo you loaded on your tank. Below are some brief descriptions of the different ammo types on World of Tanks Blitz:

Armor Piercing (AP) Shell

AP Shells are the standard tank gun ammo in the game. Most of the time, if you are saving your gold for more expensive shells, you will resort to these shells during matches. That said, AP Shells generally deal with moderate damage to enemy tanks. If you do manage to land a direct hit on specific areas such as the crew or tank modules, AP Shells can deal full damage. However, AP Shells are also subject to normalization and will lose their potency when fired in longer distances. So only use these shells whenever you are at a medium firing distance and you have a clear shot at the enemy’s vitals.


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Armor Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR) Shell

APCR Shells are high caliber versions of AP Shells. APCR Shells can penetrate hulls and armor at a more reliable rate than AP Shells and are often the ammo of choice for medium to heavy tanks. These Shells also travel faster than AP Shells when shot out of the cannon. This makes it easier for you to hit targets since you won’t need to account for too much lead time.

High Explosive (HE) Shell

HE Shells pack high-level damage whenever they hit their target flush. However, unlike the AP and APCR Shells, HE Shells have low penetration values. This means that HE Shells are better used as secondary or last ammo to finish off tanks whose hulls or modules have been breached. When an HE Shell manages to bypass an enemy’s armor and reaches the hull, it deals massive damage to its target. When you want to land the killing blow, you have to stock a couple of HE Shells on your tank for good measure.

High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) Shell

Finally, the HEAT Shell is the ammo of choice for Tank Destroyers. This is due in large part to its high penetration value that does not lose its strength regardless of distance. However, HEAT Shells need to get a direct hit on its target to severely deal damage.

But if it tries to penetrate a heavily armored hull or sloped armor, it will lose its penetration power. If you are a Tank Destroyer, chances are, this is your go-to ammo. And if you have eagle eyes, you can provide deadly artillery support to your team to shut down opposing tanks from a distance.

Before picking your ammo, make sure that you already know what kind of tanks suit your playstyle. You can check out our tank guide from our previous post here!

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